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Fantasy Football Championship Belt


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Show your loved ones that you are wasting your life, wasting countless hours assembling the perfect team, by bringing home the Fantasy Football Championship Belt. Winning the league just got a lot more interesting.

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Product Details

You are not a hardcore Fantasy Football league unless you play for the championship belt. The trophies cost ten cents and simply accumulate dust on the fireplace. You can take champion belts with you wherever you go to rub the face of less powerful opponents. Use it with pride to work, to go to the bar or even for your next barbecue. Much more fun than taking a small trophy with you. A length of 55 inches fits your waist or shoulder. The main buckle is 11 "x 9". Side buckles - 4 "x 4". End buckles - 3.5 x 3.5 inches. Both end plates are left blank to record the league name. the name of the winner and everything you want to record. The main buckle and all side buckles are made of real metal. Without PLASTIC! Belt made of high quality thick synthetic leather. You can be the envy of your entire league. Please note that we are unable to adjust anything on the bracelet at this time. The only thing you can customize is the end plates, taking them to your local recorder. If you want more empty end plates, we have them for sale here.


  • 55 inches fit your waist or shoulder.¬†
  • The main buckle measures 11 "x 9".¬†
  • The main buckle and all side buckles are made of real metal.¬†Without PLASTIC!¬†
  • Thick high quality synthetic leather belt.¬†
  • Both end plates are left blank to record the name of the league, the name of the winner and anything else you want to record

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