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Flexible Grippy Tool Mat


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To prevent your tools from slipping while you work, place them on this flexible tool mat. This anti-static mat is made of durable, high-quality polymers that do not scratch delicate surfaces and is large enough to hold multiple instruments at the same time.

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  • PROTECTED FUNCTIONAL TOOLBOX ORGANIZER - Your Grypmat toolbox is the most versatile item in your garage.¬†This makes work easier when you just don't feel like breaking your spine for the hundredth time this week.¬†Less time for curses at 10mm means more time with friends.¬†Put your tools anywhere with Grypmat during any job.¬†These flexible tool trays hold your beloved chrome kids up to 70 degrees on just about any crazy surface you work on.¬†
  • CHEMICAL AND HEAT RESISTANCE - The original flexible tool tray means that we have been rigidly rebuilt.¬†Your Grypmat Pro can withstand temperatures up to 500 ¬į F and will not be exposed to chemicals such as brake cleaner, gasoline, WD-40, oil, Skydrol, etc.¬†you breathe at work.¬†
  • STAY ORGANIZED ONCE IN YOUR LIFE - Get your job done quickly and come back over the weekend.¬†With a Grypmat carrying bag by your side, you'll keep all your tools tidy during any job so you spend less time thinking about where the spark plug went.¬†
  • HOW TO SEE THE SHARK TANK - Created and operated by US veterans and supported by Shark Tank investors Mark Cuban, Laurie Greiner and Richard Branson, we take your safety and performance seriously.¬†
  • FRICKN lifetime warranty - Yes, you read that right, we all guarantee our products with a lifetime warranty.¬†Buy a tool storage organizer that will literally last a lifetime.¬†
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