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Floating Alligator Head Decoy


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Keep unwanted guests away from your local drinking fountain by scaring them to death with this floating crocodile head bait.¬†This 22-inch head is artfully decorated and floats freely above the water’s surface, giving it an incredibly realistic look.

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Product Details

Scare pond predators and unsuspecting friends with this realistic reptile replica.¬†The Gator Pond Decoy pond bait is sure to make you pay attention to people and wildlife.¬†The exceptional detail makes this floating crocodile head a valuable deterrent against unwanted visits to the lake.¬†The alligator bait floats freely in carp ponds and water gardens, showing natural movement with the movement of wind or water.¬†Reflective red-eye stickers add realism.¬†Great for any body of water filled with geese, herons, cormorants, herons and other unwanted animals.¬†(We have had limited success with mallard ducks and tree ducks. Northern ducks seem to want to be bait-friendly.) Made of durable polyurethane foam.¬†Protect your valuable koi and other pond fish with your own guard crocodile.¬†Add some fun to your pond while protecting your valuable fish.¬†This 22-inch floating alligator swims freely and is like life in a lake or pool.¬†This life-size floating replica of a crocodile head is ideal for any aquatic area inhabited by birds, geese, ducks, herons, cormorants, herons etc.¬†Ideal for golf courses, parks, fish and shrimp farms, lakes, industrial parks and even swimming pools for accommodation.¬†The 22 ¬Ĺ "long x 8 ¬Ĺ" head moves realistically with wind and water.¬†Birds think that a predator is following them, so they go to a safer place.¬†Made entirely in the USA.¬†The Jr Gator Pond bait measures 22 ¬Ĺ "x 8 ¬Ĺ" x 3 "in height. EACH ALLIGATOR HAS BEEN PAINTED WITH UV RESISTANT PAINTING For many years! Note: It can also be used as a stirrup in swimming pools! We also produce a 28" version with bared teeth, which are available on, and a set of 22 "and 28" crocodile head lures (BEST VALUE) Place a set of two in the water and see how best they scare off predators and sometimes, up Be sure to read customer reviews to better understand the performance of a product in real-life situations.


  • Alligator bait floats freely in koi ponds and aquatic gardens.¬†
  • Natural movement with the movement of wind or water.¬†
  • A replica of a floating and natural crocodile head, ideal for any area populated by birds, geese, herons, cormorants, herons etc.¬†
  • Jr Gator Pond Lure is 22¬Ĺ "x 8¬Ĺ" x 3 ".
  • Ideal for golf courses, parks, fish and shrimp farms, industrial park lakes and even residential pools .

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