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Floating Beer Pong Raft


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Make the party furious while you are out on the water with this floating beer pong raft. Indispensable for any summer outing, it comes with many cup holders, a small practical fridge in the center and works as a mattress, in case you are having a lot of fun.

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Product Details

The Pool Pong Party Barge is the first and only floating beer pong table with a built-in cooler, so cold drinks are always at hand. The 6 'x 3' table includes 10 triangles with cups at each end for full size billiards. There are also 4 social coasters on each side of the raft, so you and your friends can swim and chat at the table between pong games. The central refrigerator holds up to 18 cans of ice. The party raft can also be used as a floating tanning room, if you can get everything for yourself. Party Barge includes 6 pong balls (cups not included) and is sold in retail packaging.


  • FLOATING BEER PONG: Complete configuration of beer pong with 10 cups on each side, cup holders and built-in refrigerator (capacity for 18 drinks).¬†
  • 3 FEATURES IN 1: The versatile GoPong inflatable boat can be used to play pool, swim and relax.¬†
  • PARTY SIZE: 6 feet long and 3 feet wide with 4 dowels for fixing or mooring.¬†
  • THICK MATERIAL: Made of industry-leading raft material with a smooth finish (not as cheap as the others).¬†
  • UNIQUE GIFT: Includes 6 pong balls and comes in a perfect retail package for those who love to drink games and have fun

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