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Flushin Frenzy Toilet Plunging Game


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Fool your kids by making them think that the nasty things they’ll have to do one day are really fun, playing Flushing Frenzy, a bathroom scuba game.¬†Players take turns moving the piston up and down to unclog a clogged toilet.

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Product Details

It's a plunger game, a little poop and quick reflexes! Flush the toilet handle to roll the dice and, when the number goes up, you will have to dive into the toilet as many times as you want. But be careful, after pushing the piston, feces can FLY OUT OF THE BATHROOM! The first player to pick up the stool receives a token. If you catch it in the air fast enough, you will earn TWO Tokens! The player with the most chips wins! Whether this game is really difficult or difficult enough depends on you! Lots of silly fun for 2 to 4 young divers aged 5 or over. Supplied with 1 toilet, 1 piston, 1 cube and 10 point plugs. Colors and decorations may vary. ...


  • The game Flushin 'Frenzy guarantees a lot of laughs and a lot of fun!¬†
  • You must immerse yourself in the bathroom as many times as possible in the cube.¬†
  • When the poop comes out of the bathroom, be the first to grab it.¬†If you manage to get it on MIDAIR, you will win two tokens!¬†
  • The player who wins the most chips wins!¬†
  • A fun night game and lots of laughter for 2 to 4 players aged 5 and over.¬†and older.¬†

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