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Foot Pump Scaffolding Jack


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This top foot pump scaffolding jack will make your next project much easier. It has a solid steel construction that makes it incredibly resistant and has a simple yet effective mechanism that can be easily operated with one foot.

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Product Details

A safe portable scaffold allows the user to paint and paint vertical surfaces up to 30 feet high. The Pump Jack system raises workers, equipment and materials by pressing the foot and lowers it by turning the crank. Your weight does the job. Ideal for tiles, flooring, cladding, insulation, painting, construction, roofing, renovation and home maintenance. Requires at least two pump jacks to operate. Easy installation and removal. The posts (not included) must consist of two 2x4 nails nailed together with nails totaling 10d. (see installation instructions)


  • Jack for simple and inexpensive foot lifting; attached to wooden supports. 
  • The pump jack platform accommodates two 2 "x 10" wooden planks with planks attached. 
  • Strong steel construction for added strength, durable powder coating for rust protection
  • Country of origin: UNITED STATES
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