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Forearm Lifting Straps


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Increase your support exponentially, without even wasting time at the gym with the forearm lifting straps. These durable handles are designed to handle the tough lifting conditions of heavy furniture and make it easier to lift bulky items at home.

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The offer on this web page CHANGES vendors AUTOMATICALLY. To avoid accidentally purchasing a substandard fake product, make sure that the above offer says "Shipped and sold". Otherwise, look under "Other sellers in" and select a seller. It is IMPORTANT that you have forearm forklift products when moving heavy furniture. Forearm forklift lifting straps are a pair of straps ergonomically designed to stimulate correct lifting techniques and are adopted by OSHA to reduce back injuries from heavy, repetitive lifting. These belts use a lever that makes the items being carried appear 66% lighter. This makes it much easier to go up and down stairs and around corners. The forklift straps on the forearm protect the floor from scratches, dents, scratches and scrapes from strollers and strollers. They are adjustable up to 48 inches so you can easily carry small (SM), medium (MED), large (LG) and oversized (XL) items. The forearm lifting straps are portable and can be conveniently stored in a drawer, toolbox or under the truck seat. Forearm forklift lifting straps are accessible, safe, ergonomically designed, adjustable and portable.


  • MOVES LARGE AND HEAVY OBJECTS EASILY: uses levers to make the object appear 66% lighter to load.¬†
  • ERGONOMIC: Designed to encourage the correct lifting technique and reduce back injuries by heavy and repetitive lifting
  • ADJUSTABLE: Each polypropylene tape is 9'4 '' long with 3 turns at each end, allowing for adjustment of up to 48 inches, making it easy to transport small and large items.¬†
  • HEAVY POSITION: up to 800 pounds.¬†
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