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Fortune Telling Beer Glass


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Those who say that you will not find the answers at the bottom of the glass have clearly never drank from this glass of beer that predicts the future. Each 27-ounce cup is made of durable, food-safe plastic and comes with a built-in fortune teller with 20 different states.

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Product Details

Remember the Magic 8 ball? Mystic Pint - Same idea, but with 27 ounces of your favorite drink. The perfect tool when you need to answer yes or no to questions about the future, or just need a drink. Just put your favorite drink, drink something, ask Mystic Pint a yes or no question and shake the glass! Remember, to get rich, you have to finish your drink first! With over 20 different possible states, this new barware is the perfect gift that never ceases to give.


  • Remember the Magic 8 ball?¬†Mystic Pint - Same idea, but with 27 ounces of your favorite drink.¬†The perfect tool when you need to answer yes or no to questions about the future, or just need a drink.¬†
  • Just pour your favorite drink, have a drink, ask Mystic Pint questions yes or no, shake the glass!¬†Remember, to get rich, you need to finish your drink first!¬†
  • This innovative drinking game with over 20 different possible states is the perfect gift that never ceases to be offered.¬†
  • This 27 ounce glass of fortune is made of durable, food-grade plastic and will last as long as necessary to see if that luck comes true!¬†
  • Magic 8 Ball style Fortune Teller Pint Glass is your psychic when you need a yes or no answer to future questions.¬†Now the answers are always at your fingertips!¬†While the tips of those fingers are clenched in the fortune teller's beer glass!¬†

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