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Freshly Signed Divorce Papers Candle


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Immerse yourself in the delicious aroma of freedom as you light the candle of your newly signed divorce. Nothing beats the rich scroll of a legal document announcing the death of your wedding like lighting a custom-made candle!

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Product Details

Nothing reflects the rich scroll of a legal document that announces the end of your failed marriage like our candle, the newly signed divorce papers. It doesn't seem like everyone has seen it, and now that the light comes from this candle, you see it too. Part of happiness, part of sadness, a little relief and uncertainty about your future financial stability: the complex emotions of divorce are reflected in this difficult candle.


  • Nothing reflects the rich scroll of a legal document announcing the end of their failed marriage like our candle, newly signed divorce papers.┬á
  • Made in the USA.┬á
  • funny candle

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