Fruit Freshness Extender


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Preserve your fruit from deterioration by prolonging its life with a Fruit Freshness Diluent. The set of two small blue apples comes with a bag that absorbs ethylene gas, causing fruits and vegetables, such as fruits and vegetables, to become too ripe and spoil.

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  • ORGANIC WAY TO STORE FRESH LONG-TERM PRODUCTION - lasts 3 months!¬†The reusable, non-toxic Bluapple freshness balls absorb ethylene gas from all types of food.¬†From lettuce to onion, apple to banana, Bluapple absorbs ethylene gas, which slows ripening and prolongs the shelf life of food.¬†Each Bluapple has a 3 month package!¬†Place an apple in each fresh vegetable drawer, refrigerator shelf or fruit bowl, without having to refill for 90 days.¬†
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY.¬†fruits and vegetables.¬†When less groceries are thrown away, that means more money in your pocket and less trips to the supermarket!¬†
  • EASY TO USE AND FILL - Place a white bag inside each Bluapple bottom (do not open the bag), place it on top and fit.¬†Then, throw it in the cooler drawer, place it on the refrigerator shelf or in a bowl of fruit.¬†Bluapple will last 3 months before the packaging needs to be replaced.¬†
  • FRESH PRODUCTS BETTER TASTE - Bluple helps keep food fresh and gives you more time to enjoy it.¬†Fresh foods taste better and contain more nutrients.¬†
  • PRODUCT MADE YEARS IN THE USA.¬†Reuse Bluapple, replacing old packages with new ones every 3 months.¬†This is good for the environment and for the wallet.¬†And it's done right here in the USA!¬†
  • OFFER A GIFT THAT WILL NOT BE CERTIFIED -Blapl is a simple and thoughtful gift for any occasion.¬†It will be a wonderful gift for a housewarming party, welcome to a neighbor's house, as well as for a birthday or holiday.¬†Who doesn't like to save money and eat fresh food ?!¬†