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Fruit Juice Sprayer


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A glorious new era is emerging – you no longer have to struggle to make citrus fruit juices with your weak hands – you can now easily suck and sprinkle fruit with these fruit juice dispensers.

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Product Details

Spray, do not squeeze. The stem allows the cook to spray the juice directly from the citrus fruit. You no longer need to cut and squeeze fruit to get juice like a regular chef. Now you can spray citrus juice evenly on your favorite foods with just one finger. Let the stem add a little zest to your kitchen and food.


  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning
  • Serrated teeth for easy insertion into the fruit. 
  • Spray and distribute the juice evenly. 
  • Small and easy to store. 
  • Height 93-1 / 2 mm, diameter 24 mm. 

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