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Fully Sealed Stainless Steel Piggy Bank


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This fully sealed stainless steel piggy bank is perfect for people with little desire. Unlike these fragile traditional ceramic piggy banks, this bad boy has a robust stainless steel construction and is completely sealed so that the money stored inside cannot be withdrawn. Ever.

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Product Details

As the piggy bank is difficult to open, it is recommended to open it only after the completion of a task or in some emergency situations. As soon as the piggy bank is opened, it is also destroyed. As the piggy banks are made by hand, each corner is polished by hand, each side is polished and polished and comes with bubble wrap to prevent surface wear. However, wear may occur during transportation. If you don't like our items after receiving them, you can return them.


  • 1. The piggy bank is made of stainless steel and has a large capacity.¬†Holds up to 700 notes.¬†
  • 2. The piggy bank is completely closed on the 6th side, so it can only be saved, but it cannot be removed.¬†
  • 3. Limit yourself to saving money or prepare a savings plan.¬†You can save money to fulfill your wishes and no one will bother you, because you can pick them up at any time.¬†
  • 4. The perfect gift for a newborn or birthday, you can make a savings plan for your newborn or let him set a savings goal for your baby's birthday.¬†Or you can set a goal to save yourself if you feel you are not in control of yourself.¬†
  • 5. As the piggy bank is difficult to open, it is recommended to open it only after reaching the target or in some emergency situations.¬†As soon as the piggy bank is opened, it is also destroyed.¬†

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