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  • Please Leave By 9 Party BannerPlease Leave By 9 Party Banner 1

    Please Leave By 9 Party Banner

    Make sure family and friends know how to eat, eat a cake and then have fun decorating the place with this party banner “Please leave before 9” This humorous party accessory is perfect to give a not-so-subtle hint that they’ll stay late.

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  • Han Job T-Shirt

    Han Job T-Shirt

    You probably shouldn’t be wearing this shirt for an interview, but it’s a hilarious wordplay for Han Solo and his romantic relationship with young Leia. Han Job has always been a wonderful gift for men everywhere, and now it’s a shirt.

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  • Tardigrade Stress Ball

    Tardigrade Stress Ball

    If you’re going to relieve stress on something, who can handle it better than this tardigrade stress relief ball? This water resistant bear is made of urethane rubber and measures 3 “high by 1.75” wide.

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  • How To Traumatize Your ChildrenHow To Traumatize Your Children 1

    How To Traumatize Your Children

    Make the most of the precious time you spend on this earth with your children, traumatizing them for the rest of their lives with this easy-to-use educational book. It uses 7 proven methods that apply to all styles of parenting, so that children everywhere can get permanent scars.

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  • SNL Pete’s Famous Schweddy Balls

    SNL Pete’s Famous Schweddy Balls

    Make the holiday season unforgettable by sharing a bag of Pete’s famous Scheddy Balls with your loved ones. These mouth-watering balls have a delicious sweet-salty taste that excites the taste buds as much as Shwedi balls.

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  • Moto Men’s Head Shaving RazorMoto Mens Head Shaving Razor 1

    Moto Men’s Head Shaving Razor

    If you love a shaved head, a men’s razor is essential in your life. This specialized shaver features a built-in finger ring for a secure grip and a unique design that allows the shaver to swing up and down for a better head contour.

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  • Drink Straw Helmet

    Drink Straw Helmet

    Stay hydrated on the road wearing the straw helmet that is always in fashion. Equipped with two equally balanced jar holders and a long plastic straw, it is the perfect way to get absurdly drunk on sports and other outdoor activities.

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  • Brawling Wrestlers Windshield WipersBrawling Wrestlers Windshield Wipers 1

    Brawling Wrestlers Windshield Wipers

    Delight everyone behind you in a fun game of wrestling by equipping your car with wrestling wipers. The fun and thoughtful design of these wipers makes them the perfect car accessory for anyone who loves lucha libre!

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