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  • Brian Fantana’s Condom Collection

    Brian Fantana’s Condom Collection

    After the lady is won over by her exceptional musk, make a deal with Brian Fantana’s legendary condom collection. If pregnancy and STD prevention are your goal, an obscure and useless brand like The Rigid Ghost is the obvious choice.

    (817 reviews)
  • White Guy Blinking Meme Air FreshenerWhite Guy Blinking Meme Air Freshener 1

    White Guy Blinking Meme Air Freshener

    Keep your car cool and your mood by hanging the White Guy Blinking meme air freshener. Drew Scanlon will be your faithful co-driver, keeping you company, filling your car with a delicious vanilla aroma.

    (216 reviews)
  • Valentine’s Custom Chocolate MessagesValentines Custom Chocolate Messages 1

    Valentine’s Custom Chocolate Messages

    Skip the games and tell your boyfriend what you really think of them with these chocolate messages. They are handmade with creamy milk chocolate and expertly decorated with any message you want, no matter how rough or strange.

    (837 reviews)
  • Giant Lobster ClawsGiant Lobster Claws 1

    Giant Lobster Claws

    Touch your inner crustacean by tripping over a pair of giant lobster claws. Who needs things like fingers and fireproof fingers when you can exchange them for a nice 14 1/2 ” silicone pliers that is great for scratching things and making you look amazing overall.

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  • Worst Co-Worker RibbonsWorst Co Worker Ribbons 1

    Worst Co-Worker Ribbons

    Make yourself laugh – and create some embarrassing situations – by distributing the worst tapes to your co-workers. The set includes 5 multicolored ribbons for awards such as Disability, Mediocre Boss, Come to Work Sick, Made a Side Career and Didn’t Help.

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  • You’re Only Old Once!

    You’re Only Old Once!

    You got old only once! proves that you are never too old for Dr. Seuss. Written to commemorate his 82 years, this beautifully illustrated and witty book tells the story of an elderly man undergoing a unique examination for His own, during which he was “nudged, nudged and stared”.

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  • Star Wars Christmas Stockings

    Star Wars Christmas Stockings

    Hang your Star Wars Christmas socks by the fireplace and you will be sure to receive everything Santa asked for, even if you were a naughty little Jedi. These Christmas socks are about 18 inches long and look like your favorite characters.

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  • Realistic Furry Cat MaskRealistic Furry Cat Mask 1

    Realistic Furry Cat Mask

    Transform your pet’s obsession from cute to frightening by becoming a feline friend with one of these realistic furry cat masks. Shindo Rinka is a Japanese creative company that creates custom hyper-realistic cat masks with fake fur and mustache.

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