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  • Cat Shaped Egg Mold

    Cat Shaped Egg Mold

    Make sure your day starts with a purr to spice up your breakfast with this cat-shaped frying pan. It is made entirely of durable food-grade silicone and features a fun design that turns your eggs into a fun kitten with two big yellow eyes.

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  • Pet Hair WigsPet Hair Wigs 1

    Pet Hair Wigs

    Maybe your pet was born with this, maybe it’s Maybelline, or maybe your pet is just wearing these cute hair wigs designed specifically for cats and small dogs. With everything from fluffy bangs to blue strands in the Katy Perry style, your pet will easily look like a fabulous diva.

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  • BDSM Rocking HorsiesBdsm Rocking Horsies 1

    BDSM Rocking Horsies

    Satisfy your unsolved childhood problems by bringing your love life to life by riding a BDSM rocking horse. Built to handle all types of erotic punishment, it patiently waits for you to jump and walk around with all your strength, for as long as possible, as long as possible!

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  • Cereal Killer SpoonCereal Killer Spoon 1

    Cereal Killer Spoon

    After thoroughly checking your target, preparing the environment and seeing it, this killer cereal spoon is all you need to complete your morning ritual. Each vintage spoon is crafted from a silver plate and stamped by hand.

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  • Hoodie FlaskHoodie Flask 1

    Hoodie Flask

    Use a hooded bottle to keep you hydrated – and in a good mood – on your next hike. Two bottles hidden in the hood allow you to carry up to 20 ounces of your favorite beverage, which you can drink discreetly through complicated elastic rope straws.

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  • Grown-Up Award Ribbons

    Grown-Up Award Ribbons

    Celebrate what really matters in life – the little things – with humor using these adult award ribbons. These satin ribbons are adorned with comical achievements, such as Certificate of honor for adults and I put on pants today.

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  • Cat LeggingsCat Leggings 1

    Cat Leggings

    Put the finishing touches on your madness together with the feline lady, showing the love of the feline community for these feline leggings. In addition to their attractive design, they are made by hand using the best blend of polyester and spandex, making them perfect for any occasion.

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  • Exploding Outhouse Prank Gift

    Exploding Outhouse Prank Gift

    Give your playful friend a dose of his own medicine, giving him this explosive gift for the external draw. This original and fun handmade gift is made of wood and comes with a built-in mousetrap that knocks down the entire house as soon as the door opens.

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