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  • The Phone Jail

    The Phone Jail

    Help others to control smartphone addiction by putting your favorite device in a prison over the phone. It is tamper-proof, holds up to six smartphones and can be locked from the outside – the perfect way to prevent children from using their phones too much.

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  • BDSM Rocking HorsiesBdsm Rocking Horsies 1

    BDSM Rocking Horsies

    Satisfy your unsolved childhood problems by bringing your love life to life by riding a BDSM rocking horse. Built to handle all types of erotic punishment, it patiently waits for you to jump and walk around with all your strength, for as long as possible, as long as possible!

    (1051 reviews)
  • Tidy Tips Fingertip Toilet BrushesTidy Tips Fingertip Toilet Brushes 1

    Tidy Tips Fingertip Toilet Brushes

    Tidy Tips are the bathroom brushes at your fingertips that will allow you to reach every corner of your porcelain goddess. They are durable and extremely versatile, which means they are also perfect for cleaning almost any type of dirty hole in your home.

    (630 reviews)
  • Awkward Family Photos Calendar

    Awkward Family Photos Calendar

    Laugh at others all year round by hanging this calendar of weird family photos in your home or office. Whether it’s inappropriate sibling positions or eye-catching clothing and hair styles, each photo will leave you with no way out.

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  • How To Live With A Huge PenisHow To Live With A Huge Penis 1

    How To Live With A Huge Penis

    Being hanged like a horse is a curse that few people understand. Learn how to deal with a giant hinge with this helpful guide. It is filled with prayers, daily affirmations and thoughtful quotes to help you manage your daily life with your magnum dong.

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  • Top Hats For Small PetsTop Hats For Small Pets 1

    Top Hats For Small Pets

    Give your little creature a chic look with one of these small pet cylinders. These custom hats are 4 or 2 inches in diameter, making them ideal for all types of small pets, such as hamsters, bearded dragons and snakes.

    (165 reviews)
  • Chocolate Flavored Envelopes

    Chocolate Flavored Envelopes

    Experience the joy of licking envelopes with these delicious chocolate-flavored envelopes. Instead of licking the horrible glue, each envelope is covered with delicious drops of chocolate to seal them. Just be careful of those nasty paper cuts on your tongue.

    (1100 reviews)
  • Star Wars Kama Sutra Book

    Star Wars Kama Sutra Book

    This unofficially licensed Kama Sutra Star Wars book features all of your favorite Star Wars action figures in reinvented sexual positions, such as AT-AT Style, XXX Wing, Fist Revenge and everyone’s favorite “The Force Awakens”.

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