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Galaxy In A Crystal Ball


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Marvel at the grandeur of our cosmos by placing this crystal ball galaxy on your desktop. This 2.4-inch laser-engraved crystal sphere represents a spiral galaxy seen from a great distance, making it a great focal point for any science fanatic.

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Product Details

Description: Bring the crystal ball from the solar system to your home to show the mysterious universe to you and your families; It inspires you with order in the universe and, with luck, in your life; Not only a great decoration for the house, but also an excellent paper weight; A good gift for a scientist or student, lover of astronomy and Sky Gazer.


  • Made of optically transparent crystal, the 3D internal thread design creates an exquisite solar system from the inside. 
  • It is a great gift for anyone interested in crystals, as well as for astronomy lovers and sky watchers. 
  • The solar system ball is 60 mm in diameter and is great for teaching children. 
  • 8 planets of the solar system within: Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury. (not including Pluto)
  • The package includes 1x solar crystal sphere with transparent support, gift box in the packaging, nice addition to your globes. 

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