Game Night Table Topper


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Turn your dining room into the best gaming nook with this gaming bedside table. Available in four different sizes and three colors, each top hat comes with two cup holders for each player, a padded frame and a non-slip bottom for added stability.

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Product Details

The Game Night Table Topper is a portable gaming accessory designed to facilitate night games and relieve stress. Our Topper has a soft felt surface to prevent the cards from wrinkling during the game, and two padding supports per game section to provide a left-handed or right-handed cup holder, leaving an extra game card and data holder. The hem of our topper is padded with soft PU leather for added comfort. Each Topper is made of durable wood material with a non-slip surface at the bottom to help expand the play area on small tables and prevent it from slipping on large surfaces. Playground 30 "x50"


  • Facilitates the game during the night.¬†
  • Keeps cards dry and safe.¬†
  • Several cup holders for each player.¬†
  • Non-slip bottom for stability
  • Various sizes for different tables