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Garden In A Can


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Grow healthy, organic herbs directly on the windowsill using these pickled gardens. Ideal for homes with limited space – just open the jar, add a little water and watch it grow and become a beautiful plant over time, without mess.

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Back to the Roots has a mission to destroy food. In college class, we learned that mushrooms can grow entirely in used coffee powder. After watching training videos for hours and turning our fraternal kitchen into a great science experiment, we finally decided to abandon our corporate job offers and become full-time mushroom producers. What started out as a curiosity about urban agriculture has turned into a passion for Undo Food and the reunification of the family it came from.


  • We recommend that plants receive 8 full hours of sunlight (or light from lamps) every day. Also, avoid watering and pruning the seedlings in excess when they reach about 2.5 cm in height, so that 2-3 of the most successful seedlings develop and become final mature plants. 
  • Ready-to-grow pots make home gardening easy and fun! Each organic basil can contain everything you need to start growing, including non-GM organic seeds, nutrient-rich soil and moisture-balancing biochar. 
  • Growing herbs indoors has never been easier with biochar. Biochar is the charred residue of agricultural residues from the pyrolysis process, a method dominated by Amazonian tribes for centuries. 
  • When you're ready to harvest, visit for mouth-watering herbal recipes. From herbal oil to sauces, sauces, soups and more, there is a delicious herbal-inspired recipe for every palette! 

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