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Garden Knife


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Feel like you are in SWAT with a garden knife. This ultimate digging tool has a 7-inch blade that can be used as a shovel to dig and break through any surface or plant Рif Rambo were a gardener, he would use that tool.

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Product Details

This double-edged excavator has a serrated blade on one side of the blade for cutting roots and a blade on the other for cutting grass and tuff mud. The lesche digging tool has a comfortable rubber handle with a hand guard. It will quickly cut plugs in the ground. Digger has a total size of 12 inches and is made in the USA from CrMo steel. Supplied with Cordura belt cover.


  • The best digging tool.¬†
  • Ideal for kindergarten, landscaping, camping and metal detection.¬†
  • 7 "blade length, 1 3/4" wide
  • Comes with a convenient belt clip.¬†
  • Made in the USA.¬†

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