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Garden Mood Light Balls


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Light up your yard at night with garden lights. Each waterproof sphere is fully floating and can be chosen from seven vibrant colors to always match your subject.

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Product Details

Discover how beautiful LED billiard balls can make an outdoor night all year round! Each ball of light can have 7 different colors or transition from one color to another. Press the button at the bottom of the pool's floating LED light to activate it. Many LED colors can be activated by pressing the button at the bottom of the illuminated beads. Mood Light Garden Deco balls are distinguished by their elegant simplicity, which provides endless decorating possibilities! These cool, floating LED billiard balls will help to create a great atmosphere inside or out! Use bright LED balls to light a dark path, place them in a large transparent bowl as a modern, luminous centerpiece or as an alternative to candles for a great dinner. These floating LED lights are also waterproof, which makes them even more versatile! They can also be used as floating lake LED lights. Please do not leave the floating pool lanterns submerged in the water for too long. Remove from water and let dry between uses for a long lasting effect.


  • INCLUDES: 12 balls illuminated by LED - each ball 3 inches in diameter (approximately the size of a baseball).¬†
  • BATTERY OPERATION & amp;¬†EASY TO USE: Press the button to choose between 7 stable color settings or slow transition from color to color.¬†
  • VERSATILE: great for decorating pool parties, swimming in ponds and fountains, lighting gardens and paths, creating DIY centerpieces, creating a romantic atmosphere for weddings, proms and.¬†More details!¬†
  • QUALITY & amp;¬†PREMIUM;¬†SAFE: Waterproof & amp;¬†Compatible with CPSIA.¬†
  • REUSABLE FOR ALL OCCASIONAL CASES: Batteries are replaceable, so LED beads can be reused from time to time.¬†

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