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Gel Moisturizing Socks


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Show your poor tired legs a little love by pampering them with these moisturizing gel socks. Every inch of these brightly colored boots is infused with a highly moisturizing gel that nourishes and helps repair cracked and damaged skin.

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  • For best results: use after applying our all-natural moisturizer for your feet for longer and deeper care.¬†
  • Deep hydration: moisturizes and softens hard, dry and rough feet, dry winter skin, calluses, heels, toes and cuticles.¬†
  • SmartGel Inner Lining: SmartGel made in the USA slowly releases herbal oils, aloe vera and vitamins for day or night spa treatments.¬†
  • Suitable for women aged 7 to 10 and 7 to 10 for men.¬†Hypoallergenic.¬†Washable.¬†Use at least 2-3 times a week.¬†Daily use is recommended.¬†Use with moisturizer for more intense hydration.¬†
  • Between the fingers: cover each finger with a moisturizing gel for maximum skin care.¬†

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