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Geodesic Backyard Garden Dome


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Get more out of your backyard and have fun all year round by installing this backyard garden geodesic dome. This 12-foot conservatory has a very durable, transparent exterior that can withstand snow and even withstand strong winds of up to 50 mph.

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NEW STRONGER PVC CAP OF 300 MICRON AND REINFORCED DOOR NOW INCLUDED.¬†MAXIMUM AMPLIFICATION OF SUNLIGHT - Sunlight always shines at right angles throughout the day for four seasons.¬†Wait up to 3 weeks for the wrinkles to disappear from the needle lining.¬†OPTIMAL AIR FLOW - Excellent air flow is maintained even in hot and quiet weather conditions.¬†The internal heat is evenly distributed to all points.¬†UNIFORM TEMPERATURE - The geodesic dome shape surpasses conventional rooms in maintaining a better air flow and a uniform internal temperature.¬†WIND AND SNOW RESISTANCE - The geodesic dome design offers the most robust structure that can withstand strong winds (up to 31 mph) or snow conditions (maximum 90 lbs).¬†* ALWAYS USE THE ANCHOR KIT CORRECTLY!¬†The Garden Igloo transparent cover is made of frost-resistant transparent PVC (-4 ¬į F).¬†Protecting against overexposure to ultraviolet light and keeping it clean before storage will extend the life of the coating.¬†Great for restaurants, cafes, clubs, coffee shops, events, weddings, festivals, parties, outdoor dinners and social seclusion


  • SIZE PROBLEMS - The garden igloo is 11 feet and 9 inches in diameter.¬†The maximum height is 7 feet and 2 inches.¬†The base area is 107 m¬≤.¬†Feet.¬†
  • What materials is Garden Igloo made of?¬†The construction of the Garden Igloo is made of 100% recyclable stainless materials, PVC and PA6.¬†The Garden Igloo transparent cover is made of frost-resistant transparent PVC (-4 ¬į F).¬†Protecting against overexposure to ultraviolet light and keeping it clean before storage will extend the life of the coating.¬†
  • What wind resistance does Garden Igloo have?¬†In suitable conditions, the Garden Igloo can withstand strong winds (Beaufort 6 - approx. 31 mph.
  • What is the Garden Igloo's snow load? Garden Igloo can withstand up to 36 kilograms of snow. Snow on the dome reaches 6 inches, you must remove it with a broom or similar tool to avoid damaging the Garden Igloo.
  • What is the Garden Igloo's ultraviolet / heat resistance? The structure of the Garden Igloo is as follows Stable in a temperature range of -4 ¬į F to + 140 ¬į F and withstands up to 5 exposures to the sun.
  • How to store the conservatory cover at the end of the season First, clean the cover internally and externally with a microfiber cloth in a box and store at room temperature until the next season.
  • Are they hot in summer? Just like in a greenhouse, the temperature in Gardenigloo will always be a few degrees higher than the outside temperature, so it will be hot in the summer. Keepi Discover these openings for¬†decrease the internal temperature.¬†However, on sunny spring-summer days, when the outside air temperature is above 50 ¬į F, the indoor air temperature can rise to extremely high levels (+ 140 ¬į F).¬†
  • Do they get warm in winter?¬†In winter, close the windows and the dome will heat up a few degrees, especially when it is very cold, but the sun is shining.¬†It is also ideal for reducing the thermal sensation.¬†In winter, it requires about 40% less heat than a conventional greenhouse due to its geodesic shape.¬†This is due to its small volume for the base area and the fact that its surface is always perpendicular to the sun's rays even with low winter sun, heating it naturally.¬†
  • Do I need a foundation or solid foundation?¬†Gardenigloo can be installed on soft and hard surfaces.¬†On hard surfaces such as concrete, wooden floors, etc., use metal clamps with suitable screws.¬†On softer soils, such as soil, lawn, etc., use the included basic weight kit to attach the Gardenigloo to the ground.¬†
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