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Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife


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Keep the Gerber Ghoststrike fixed-blade knife handy so that you are never caught off guard. Made of 420HC steel with black ceramic coating, this American knife has a compact structure that can be carried discreetly.

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Product Details

The fixed blade of the Ghostrike series is an ultralight self-defense knife with a configurable sheath system for low profile or open transport. The modular sheath system can be used horizontally on a strip or vertically on a strip like a traditional fixed-blade knife. Simply remove the belt loops from the chuck holes and arrange them as desired. The black ceramic coating of the Ghostrike series fixed blades, made of 420HC steel, offers excellent corrosion resistance and minimizes reflective surfaces. Its 3.3 '' thin-edged blade allows you to cut and tear with high precision. The compact fixed skeleton blade is dimensioned for a discreet presence and can be used without creating a profile on the outer garment. The diamond-textured rubber grip offers superior grip in critical situations. Check your local laws before deciding how to transport it. The Ghostrike series fixed blade knives are proudly manufactured in Portland, Oregon. Gerber limited lifetime warranty.


  • Compact 420HC steel structure.¬†
  • Black ceramic coating for minimal reflection and corrosion.¬†
  • Rubber handle with diamond texture for superior grip.¬†
  • Modular roofing system for hidden or open transport.¬†
  • Always at hand.¬†Always ready.¬†Always ready.¬†
  • Includes a modular braiding system that can be used horizontally or vertically.¬†
  • 420HC blade coated with black ceramic offers excellent corrosion resistance.¬†
  • Skeletonized handle allows low profile wear ...
  • The diamond-textured rubber handle offers exceptional grip in many situations.¬†
  • Total length: 6.9 ", blade length: 3.3"
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