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Giant Glow In The Dark Moon Sticker


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Fall asleep under the soft glow of the full moon every night, pasting this giant glow on a dark moon sticker on your wall. This giant sticker measures 71 inches and is printed with a real photo of the full moon for added realism.

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Product Details

Description: Easy to stick and remove on a smooth wall, without any harmful substance coming out. Great for kids as a birthday or holiday gift. They shine brightly at night after absorbing light during the day. Note: It is only suitable for smooth, dust-free areas, such as mirror, glass and wall. Packaging: - 1 30 cm shiny moon sticker - 26 shiny star stickers


  • Moon: diameter: 30cm / 11.8 ", stars: 87 x 23cm / 34.2 x 9.0"
  • No residue after removing the film, very easy to clean . 
  • At night, it can be clear to create a calm and soothing atmosphere with your imagination. 
  • Say goodbye to a boring and simple room, filling the nursery with a childish ingenuity. 
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