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Giant Red Bow Lingerie


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Give your girlfriend an unforgettable birthday gift by wrapping yourself in this giant red bow lingerie. This oversized polyester bow is breathable, soft to the touch and fits different bra sizes, from A-cup to double-D bras.

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Product Details

Naughty Knot Red Body Bow The Naughty Knot Red Body Bow is the sexiest way to express yourself. Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day gift


  • Imported
  • One size for bra cover from 5 to 5.9 feet, sizes A to DD
  • Material: Polyester.┬áSoft and comfortable, cool, breathable.┬á
  • Wrap around sexy satin plush that makes you more adorable and attractive.┬á
  • The perfect sexy surprise for holidays.┬á
  • Included in the Package: 1x Unwrap Nightwear comes in a gift box.┬á

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