Giant Seamen Bath Bombs


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Nothing washes away your weekly stress like a pair of giant sailor bath bombs! Each of these extra large 150 ml bath bombs is made with the highest quality ingredients that eliminate your problems with each immersion.

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Product Details

Giant Sailor Balls Bath Bombs Give all the treasures of your life a hydrotherapy session like they have never experienced before! Daily pressure can increase and make a guy crave to dive into something hot and humid and just let go. Fortunately, all he needs is a quiet time alone in the bathroom with some Giant Seamen Balls bath bombs! These huge blue and pink bath bombs are made for stressed sailors. If he is feeling embarrassed and embarrassed, he can release the tension immediately in the bath. So refreshing! A bag full of laughter for men Giant sailor balls Bath bombs are an incredible novelty for the men on their gift list, because everyone can have a little peace of mind after sailing the stormy seas of life. It is a wet and wild surprise, in addition to Easter baskets for adults, holiday packages and gift baskets. Throw in a bag of this cool valentine bathtub gift as a chic sock stuffing, or wrap it up as a fun but useful gift for the white elephant. Bodacious bath bombs are made by hand in the USA with high quality ingredients. As each luxury bath bomb is handmade and unique, the colors and patterns may vary from the images displayed.


  • DEEP RELEASE FROM LOW - When the tension gets deep, what should a guy do?¬†Get some beauty with Giant Seamen Balls!¬†You will be surprised to see how good long-term immersion can help to remove frustration everywhere.¬†
  • TWO HUGE DOUBLE RELAX BALLS - Each Seamen Balls bag contains two large 5 ounces.¬†sparkling bath, which is useful when you are feeling stressed, and you can use a hot and moist product.¬†Throw a bath bomb, fix the bathtub and let the soothing water drain the stiffness and tension of the day.¬†
  • NO PAIR OF BALLS - Our giant sailor balls are made by hand in the USA with quality ingredients.¬†As each incredible bath bomb is hand-made and unique, your balloons may differ from the pair in our images.¬†
  • EVERY PERSON NEEDS A Sack - brothers, cousins, roommates, teammates, paddlemates, fishermen, friends, husbands, boyfriends ... they all need to know what a peaceful pleasure and soothing can bring to a home spa.¬†These cotton candy bath bombs come in a fun and friendly packaging with a nautical theme, with incredibly fun and scented pink and blue balls inside.¬†
  • GIFT FOR MEN ON ANY LEGAL BATH OCCASION: Any guy will literally explode with joy when he wins two sailor balls!¬†They are a great addition to birthday gifts, Christmas socks or care packages.¬†They are also totally garish and surprisingly strange choices for Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Secret Santa gifts or White Elephant gifts.¬†