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Gift Box Automatic Tree Watering System


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Keep your freshly cut pine looking great while on vacation with the automatic tree watering system in the gift box. This easy-to-install irrigation system comes with a 2.5-gallon reservoir cleverly disguised as a great, beautifully wrapped Christmas present.

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Product Details

HoHoHoH2O was born at our home in Chicago, Illinois, after having to climb under a tree many times. We made prototypes and worked hard with the manufacturers to perfect the design and bring you the first and only automatic tree irrigation system. HoHoHoH2O maintains the correct water level in the Christmas tree holder to stay cool longer and eliminate the need to crawl under the tree to water it manually. When the water reaches a low level, a water sensing device placed on a tree support activates an electric pump that supplies water to the shower via a pipe connected to a water tank. An audible and luminous alert alerts the owner when the 2.5 gallon water tank needs to be refilled (approximately 7 days). The product can be installed in minutes and placed in a decoratively wrapped package (red or silver) that is under the tree, eliminating ugly bags, siphon-based products and funnels that are sometimes used to water the tree. Made with high quality materials and delivered at an exceptional price, HoHoHoH2O will delight you throughout the season! How to use: 1- Fill the tank with water. It has a capacity of 2.5 gallons. 2- Connect it. 3- Move the switch. 4- Let HoHoHoH2O fill the support and water the tree for several days in a row. 5- When your tank runs out of water, our flasher reminds you that it is time for you to fill the tank with water. The package includes:


  • THE FIRST AUTOMATIC CHRISTMAS TREE WATERING SYSTEM IN THE WORLD: Our 2.5 gallon tank, water tube and sensor allow you to water freshly cut trees for days.¬†
  • FILL IN YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE WITHOUT EFFORT: Give yourself a gift this season with HoHoHoH2O.¬†
  • HE MIXES DIRECTLY: Our premium red and silver snowflake designs make HoHoHoH2O a real gift that blends right under your tree.¬†
  • EASY.¬†INSTALLATION: Just place the tube + water sensor on the tree trunk, fill the tank, connect and connect!¬†
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied, return the item for a full refund.¬†

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