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  • DeLorean Time Machine Owner’s Manual

    DeLorean Time Machine Owner’s Manual

    The DeLorean Time Machine Owner’s Manual is the literature that every time traveler and science fiction fan should have on their bookshelf. It comes with diagrams and cutouts never seen before on DeLorean, Time Train and even hoverboards!

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  • Nixie Tube ChessboardNixie Tube Chessboard 1

    Nixie Tube Chessboard

    Give your ruthless game some visual appeal by fighting your opponent on this nixy tube chess board. This unique handmade plate illuminates objects with built-in induction coils, requiring absolutely no plug.

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  • Donald Trump Dog Costume

    Donald Trump Dog Costume

    No matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, everyone will agree that this Donald Trump dog costume will make your dog beautiful again. Your furry friend will look amazing with his all-natural blonde wig and tie with the American flag.

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  • Lips Eyes Face Makeup Brush Holders

    Lips Eyes Face Makeup Brush Holders

    Tidy up your bathroom by storing your makeup accessories in these sophisticated brush holders. They are made by hand in wood and are identified as “lips”, “eyes” and “face” so that you can easily organize and separate your brushes.

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  • Grenade Soap

    Grenade Soap

    Increase your freshness in your next shower with this pomegranate soap. This 6-ounce life-size soap is made with nutritious ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil and has a deliciously fresh aroma reminiscent of fresh morning dew.

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  • Nerds Dress

    Nerds Dress

    Satisfy your desire to eat sweets without consuming a single calorie every time you wear this vibrant Nerds dress. This fun and stylish dress comes with the Nerds logo and graphic printed across the front, just like the original candy cane and comes in pink or purple.

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  • The Squeeze Bottle Bidet

    The Squeeze Bottle Bidet

    Leave the toilet paper forever and clean the bottom areas in a more hygienic way with a squeeze bidet. This 10 oz bottle features an ergonomic design that allows you to clean up any mess easily without getting your hands dirty.

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  • Princess Leia HeadphonesPrincess Leia Headphones 1

    Princess Leia Headphones

    If you want to stay in style during your long space trips, nothing beats these Princess Leia headphones. Designed to comfortably wear your real ears, these Princess Leia buns are also great as headphones in winter. May Schwartz be with you.

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