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  • Brazilian Rain Bonsai Tree

    Brazilian Rain Bonsai Tree

    Find peace of mind and / or contemplate the meaning of life by pruning the small branches of the Brazilian bonsai rain tree.¬†This small bonsai tree looks great in any room or office and serves as a fabulous touch to your home’s Zen garden.

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  • Retro NES Controller Coffee TableRetro Nes Controller Coffee Table 1

    Retro NES Controller Coffee Table

    Increase the level of decor in your living room with this impressive coffee table with a retro-inspired NES controller. At the top of the table is a professionally printed vinyl decal in the style of the iconic rectangular NES controllers in gray, black and red.

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  • Anatomically Correct Felt Heart

    Anatomically Correct Felt Heart

    Now you can give someone special your heart without literally tearing your own heart out. These living creatures, similar to human hearts, are incredibly made entirely of felt, so they are not only pleasant to look at, but also soft and fluffy.

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  • Buckle Up Key Holder

    Buckle Up Key Holder

    Secure your keys and keep them as you do with the key ring. If you keep losing your keys, this key ring is the perfect piece to hang on the wall. Your keychain will fit right into the buckle holder and never get lost.

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  • Star Wars Stormtrooper HelmetStar Wars Stormtrooper Helmet 1

    Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet

    Join the elite ranks of the oppressive army of the Empire in a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet. This handmade replica is made with high quality resin, fiberglass and decorated with vinyl graphics for a cinematic look.

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  • Deep Exfoliation Foot PeelDeep Exfoliation Foot Peel 1

    Deep Exfoliation Foot Peel

    Give your firm feet a new lease of life, making them soft like a baby’s with this deep exfoliating foot.¬†About 5 days after putting on your special mucus-filled ankle boots, the dead layers of the calloused skin will begin to peel away until you are left with only fresh baby skin.

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  • GPS Navigation Rear View Mirror

    GPS Navigation Rear View Mirror

    Keep your eyes on the road, never miss a trace and drive at the same time with the touch-sensitive rear view mirror with integrated GPS navigation. The discreet screen also prevents theft, as the rearview mirror does not attract much attention.

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  • Freudian Slippers

    Freudian Slippers

    What is the smartest way for psychologists to stay warm and comfortable? Of course, with slippers according to Freud. These soft and cozy slippers are made in the form of a cartoon version of one of the most famous physiologists in the area.

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