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  • Cat Ears Self Defense Keychain

    Cat Ears Self Defense Keychain

    The self-defense keychain with cat ears allows you to discreetly carry an effective knife tool disguised as a cute kitten. The cat’s face fits comfortably in your hand for a safe grip and comes in various colors to match the clothing of the time.

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  • Monkey Nail Blow Dryer

    Monkey Nail Blow Dryer

    Buy Mojo, a monkey nail dryer that will help you with your nail painting sessions, and they will dry quickly and look great! It will puff, puff and dry your nails very quickly and look really cute doing it – all you need is a few AAA batteries to keep you energized.

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  • Bath Noodles

    Bath Noodles

    Feel like you are absorbing your worries in a warm ramen bath with bath noodles. Available in three flavors, each packet of vegan pasta will help you moisturize and exfoliate your skin for incredibly smooth skin.

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  • Chinese Flying LanternsChinese Flying Lanterns 1

    Chinese Flying Lanterns

    Light up the sky with these simple and funny Chinese flying lanterns. Just light the bottom of the flashlight, let it fill with hot air, release it and watch it fly away! These flying lanterns are sure to keep unforgettable memories when lit.

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  • Birth Control Pill KoozieBirth Control Pill Koozie 1

    Birth Control Pill Koozie

    Leave yourself a horrible reminder of the horror that awaits you when you forget to take your prescription, leaving it in this koozie birth control pill. Its double stitching for extra durability and the perfect way to hide your promiscuous sex pills.

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  • Exposed Muscles LeggingsExposed Muscles Leggings 1

    Exposed Muscles Leggings

    You are sexy and you know it, but if you really want to show the world how beautiful you are in shape, you will also have to show your inner beauty. These open muscle leggings will look like your legs are inside out.

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  • Women’s Multivitamin Gummies

    Women’s Multivitamin Gummies

    Staying healthy is easier and tastier than ever with these multivitamin gums for women. These delicious fruit gums contain the right mix of vitamins A, C, D, E, Bs, biotin and folic acid to keep your body in shape, even if your eating habits are not perfect.

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  • Futurama Bender Hat

    Futurama Bender Hat

    With this Futurama Bender cap, you will look cozy and cool. Made of acrylic threads, the Bender cap is a great gift for anyone who is a fan of Futurama, or for those who want to see the robot’s eyes one day and sip with their human companions all day.

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