Gifts for College Girls

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  • Leather Shield Bag

    Leather Shield Bag

    Conquer the fashion world with a leather bag with shield. This designer calfskin bag features an impressive shield-shaped design and a unique Greek-inspired motif representing fearless warriors in the heat of battle.

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  • Zombie Face Treatment MasksZombie Face Treatment Masks 1

    Zombie Face Treatment Masks

    These zombie masks will make you look like a nightmare before discovering their true glow. This 8 in 1 face mask will help reduce things like fine lines and wrinkles, as well as visibly tighten and lift your skin for a more youthful appearance.

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  • Secret Compartment Sunscreen

    Secret Compartment Sunscreen

    Ensure security in the dark of the beach by keeping your valuables protected from thieves in a secret sun protection compartment. What appears to be a discreet bottle of sunscreen is actually a secret container for storing your keys, money and documents.

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  • Lipstick Lighter

    Lipstick Lighter

    Light your cigarette with this lipstick lighter. Its compact size allows it to be carried anywhere, and the new design makes it a smart fashion choice to match any outfit.

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  • Bodyweight Exercise CardsBodyweight Exercise Cards 1

    Bodyweight Exercise Cards

    Get in shape from the comfort of your home with these practical bodyweight exercise cards. The set includes fifty flashcards, each showing a different and incredibly effective exercise that can be done without any equipment, so you can train anywhere.

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  • Zelda Aprons

    Zelda Aprons

    Now, with the Zelda apron, you can stay at the forefront of Hyrule fashion, even if you’re stuck at home breaking pots and doing household chores. Each apron is made entirely of cotton for the most comfortable fit and features a Zelda or Toon Link design.

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  • Climbing Man Tights

    Climbing Man Tights

    Wait a minute, buddy! These stylish, modern socks are adorned with a man holding the seams on the back and trying to get into the naughty body parts. Designed by Turkish blogger Duigu Fidanoglu, these men’s climbing pants are perfect for getting your head spinning in a fashion show.

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  • Metallic Henna TattoosMetallic Henna Tattoos 1

    Metallic Henna Tattoos

    Dress up your outfit for an outdoor music festival, highlighting your chic look with these metallic henna tattoos. They come in a sheet that has everything from wrist braces to a huge chest section, and each tattoo can last for 3 to 5 days.

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