Gifts for College Girls

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  • Side Sleep Boob Support Pillow

    Side Sleep Boob Support Pillow

    Sleep more comfortably than ever before by placing this side chest support pillow between the twins. Designed to sleep on the side with C-shaped breasts and above, it helps prevent wrinkles with repeated use and is ideal for post-operative situations and pregnancy.

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  • Pepper Spray Bracelet

    Pepper Spray Bracelet

    This pepper spray bracelet will feel safe as you walk the streets. This practical accessory can be used up to one meter away and has an elegant, subtle, discreet and comfortable minimalist style!

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  • Tangle Free Zip-Up EarbudsTangle Free Zip Up Earbuds 1

    Tangle Free Zip-Up Earbuds

    Avoid constantly tangling your headphones’ cables with these zippered headphones.┬áThese zippered earbuds are great for exercise at the gym, where the more traditional, loose earphone wires tend to get stuck in training equipment.

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  • Giant Bath Bombs

    Giant Bath Bombs

    Make your next immersion more vibrant and relaxing than ever with one of these giant bath bombs. Each set includes a dozen 5-ounce pumps, made by hand with natural and organic ingredients to soften and moisturize your skin.

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  • Cherry Blossom Tree Snow Globe

    Cherry Blossom Tree Snow Globe

    Find some peace of mind on these hectic days with a few shakes of the cherry blossom snow globe. The globe represents a scenic spring scene with two delicious cherry trees that bloom every time you shake the globe well.

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  • The Pimple Vacuum

    The Pimple Vacuum

    Getting rid of blemishes on your face is easier than ever with an acne vacuum cleaner at your disposal. Vacuum suction gently removes blackheads and dead skin cells and also helps fight acne, greasiness and wrinkles for a more radiant appearance.

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  • Comic Book Sound Effects HeadbandComic Book Sound Effects Headband 1

    Comic Book Sound Effects Headband

    Update your appearance and attract all fans with a headband with comical sound effects. These personalized bandanas with embroidered battle words like BAM, KABOOM and WHAM are the perfect accessory for any comic book fan.

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  • Ice Roller For Your FaceIce Roller For Your Face 1

    Ice Roller For Your Face

    Help your beautiful mug look brighter than ever with this ice face roll. From shrinking pores and relieving fatigue, to preventing wrinkles and even minimizing muscle pain and relieving headaches, this miracle device will help you with everything.

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