Gifts for College Girls

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  • Giant Gummy Bear

    Giant Gummy Bear

    The giant gummy bear is an epic achievement in the culinary history of mankind. This huge gum bear weighs over 4.5 pounds and has many uses in addition to its own nutritional value, making this sweet monster perfect for any occasion.

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  • Bath Noodles

    Bath Noodles

    Feel like you are absorbing your worries in a warm ramen bath with bath noodles. Available in three flavors, each packet of vegan pasta will help you moisturize and exfoliate your skin for incredibly smooth skin.

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  • Pepper Spray Bracelet

    Pepper Spray Bracelet

    This pepper spray bracelet will feel safe as you walk the streets. This practical accessory can be used up to one meter away and has an elegant, subtle, discreet and comfortable minimalist style!

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  • Korean Fluffy Bubble Face Mask

    Korean Fluffy Bubble Face Mask

    Smooth, healthy skin is just a terribly extravagant mask when wearing this cute Korean bubble face mask. When applied, it forms a thick, gray foam that helps to exfoliate the pores, leaving the skin young and radiant.

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  • Fountain Of Youth Soap

    Fountain Of Youth Soap

    Fight the devastation of time, keeping your skin clean and rejuvenated while washing with this soap from the Fountain of Youth. This handmade vegan soap is handmade with nutritious ingredients to leave your skin soft and perfectly clean.

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  • Gold Glitter Lips

    Gold Glitter Lips

    Add a touch of Midas to your lips with these golden lip gloss temporary tattoos. These temporary tattoos with golden lip gloss are perfect for giving your face a stunning look, are easy to apply and last up to eight hours, which is longer than most lipsticks.

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  • Garter PocketGarter Pocket 1

    Garter Pocket

    Dress in style without worrying about where you will hide your belongings with this original garter pocket. Inside the bracelet, with an elegant lace lining, there are several pockets that you can use to hide everything from your phone to makeup and money.

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  • The Vibrator NecklaceThe Vibrator Necklace 1

    The Vibrator Necklace

    The vibrating necklace proves that the best hiding place is in plain sight.┬áThe discreet and discreet design allows you to take this extravagant shake anywhere, so you are always ready to start – no matter how inappropriate the place is!

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