Gifts for College Girls

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  • Miracle Trigger Tension Reliever

    Miracle Trigger Tension Reliever

    This miraculous stress-releasing device will instantly relieve pain from almost anywhere. This ultra-portable gadget is equipped with a pair of crystals that create a small electrical charge to provide acupressure-like relief without the need for needles.

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  • But… You’re A Horse Romance Novel

    But… You’re A Horse Romance Novel

    The Internet rascal who gave us “toc-toc-toc kidnapping” and “hotel graffiti” comes from the novel “Mas…”. You are a “Horse” love story. Several collections of jokes, anecdotes and jokes that have nothing to do with the cover.

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  • Princess Leia HeadphonesPrincess Leia Headphones 1

    Princess Leia Headphones

    If you want to stay in style during your long space trips, nothing beats these Princess Leia headphones. Designed to comfortably wear your real ears, these Princess Leia buns are also great as headphones in winter. May Schwartz be with you.

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  • DIY Candle Making KitDiy Candle Making Kit 1

    DIY Candle Making Kit

    What creative and inventive person would not want to be surprised by this DIY candle making kit? This creative kit includes everything you need to make a beautiful scented candle that will fill the room with inviting lighting and a delicious aroma.

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  • Fully Loaded Taco PurseFully Loaded Taco Purse 1

    Fully Loaded Taco Purse

    Light up your clothes by bringing your personal belongings in your taco bag. Inspired by a crunchy taco with a hard shell, this compact handmade wallet comes with all your favorite accessories and a generous serving of grated cheese.

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  • Ice Roller For Your FaceIce Roller For Your Face 1

    Ice Roller For Your Face

    Help your beautiful mug look brighter than ever with this ice face roll. From shrinking pores and relieving fatigue, to preventing wrinkles and even minimizing muscle pain and relieving headaches, this miracle device will help you with everything.

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  • Bachelorette Weekend Survival Kit

    Bachelorette Weekend Survival Kit

    Work your way through unscathed debauchery with your bachelorette weekend survival kit. This holiday weekend is sure to include everything from Altoid candies to fresh breath and Alka-Seltzer to headaches the next day.

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  • R2-D2 Bra

    R2-D2 Bra

    This is not a trick of the Jedi mind, these are really the twin droids you need. The hand-painted R2-D2 bra will turn your boring biological breasts into marvels of mechanical engineering that every intergalactic space criminal will drool over.

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