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  • Cocktail Garden KitCocktail Garden Kit 1

    Cocktail Garden Kit

    Take your mixology skills to the next level with this cocktail garden set. Using this set, you can grow up to six different herbs, such as blue borage, lime basil and mint to complement your drinks with fresh and tasty ingredients.

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  • Drink Counting Beer Koozie

    Drink Counting Beer Koozie

    Monitor your alcohol consumption with incredible precision using this beer counting drink. This high-tech Kuzi works like a pure alcohol odometer – controlling how many beers you have drunk “this time” or during the “life” of your Kuzi.

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  • Battleship Floating Beer PongBattleship Floating Beer Pong 1

    Battleship Floating Beer Pong

    Add a new level of difficulty and realism to the classic game by playing multiple rounds of Sea Battle Beer Pong Floating. Just fill the glasses with the drink of your choice and start bombarding the enemy for a day of fun and drunkenness.

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  • Six Pack Bike Bag

    Six Pack Bike Bag

    Why settle for a pitiful bottle of water when a six-pack backpack allows you to drink six times more fluids so you can maintain a healthy balance between hydration and drunkenness. Made with waterproof canvas and velcro, this is the perfect cycling accessory.

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  • Keychain BreathalyzerKeychain Breathalyzer 1

    Keychain Breathalyzer

    Avoid DUI while walking around the city at night, monitoring the noise with a keychain breathalyzer. It is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket and provides an accurate reading of your body’s blood alcohol level.

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  • Double Beer Bong Bottle Funnel

    Double Beer Bong Bottle Funnel

    Set a new personal record to be reached in no time by dropping your beer glasses with this double beer bottle funnel. You just put two glass bottles on the doors, turn them upside down and drink like there’s no tomorrow.

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  • The Gentleman’s Guide To Cocktails

    The Gentleman’s Guide To Cocktails

    What’s the use of having a fully stocked bar if you don’t know how to use it. The Gentleman’s Cocktail Guide contains page after page of complex and informative illustrations that show you how to properly prepare more than 150 drinks that every stylish guy should know.

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  • Beer Foam Message PrinterBeer Foam Message Printer 1

    Beer Foam Message Printer

    Keep your customers thirsty over and over again by customizing drinks with this beer foam message printer. This printer-like device makes it easy to create your own message on the frothy head of the beer.

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