Gifts for Drinkers

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  • Bourbon Nosing KitBourbon Nosing Kit 1

    Bourbon Nosing Kit

    Become a bourbon connoisseur in the comfort of your home with this bourbon spout set. You will learn to train your nose to find nuances in certain foods and spices, so that you can recognize them more easily in your bourbon.

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  • Game Boy Flask

    Game Boy Flask

    Relive your glorious game days in a drunken, nostalgic haze with the Game Boy Flask. This quality stainless steel bottle contains 8 ounces. your favorite drink and decorated in the style of the original Nintendo Game Boy – a real treat for alcoholics and gamers.

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  • Balanced Crystal Glass Decanter

    Balanced Crystal Glass Decanter

    Add style to show off your favorite wine by pouring it into this balanced crystal decanter. In addition to aerating the wine, the unique design of the decanter and the round wooden base allow you to rotate on its axis without spilling wine

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  • Rough Day Wine Glass

    Rough Day Wine Glass

    End your busy day by cushioning your problems with a glass of wine from a difficult day. The new design helps you determine how much wine to serve based on whether you have an easy day, a difficult day, or a “don’t even ask” day.

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  • Hangover Remedy TabletsHangover Remedy Tablets 1

    Hangover Remedy Tablets

    Speed ​​up your recovery from a night of drinking by taking these hangover pills the next morning. These FDA-regulated pills are designed to hydrate your body and alleviate unpleasant symptoms like headaches and unpleasant things in wine.

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  • Floating Drink Bar

    Floating Drink Bar

    Prepare delicious cocktails without ever leaving the cold water with a floating bar in your pool. It contains eight cups and a pitcher and features a floating design that won’t tip over when you pick up your drink.

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  • .308 Real Bullet Shot Glass308 Real Bullet Shot Glass 1

    .308 Real Bullet Shot Glass

    Combine your love of parties and firearms with one of these .308 real bullet glasses. Each shot comes with a genuine .308 bullet inserted into its side and is handcrafted to ensure that each piece is 100% unique.

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  • Glow Stick Party CupsGlow Stick Party Cups 1

    Glow Stick Party Cups

    Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the party from the first sip with the party cups with luminous stick. These Christmas cups have bright, colorful borders that ensure the party lasts all night – maybe even in the morning.

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