Gifts for Drinkers

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  • Liquor Bottle LockLiquor Bottle Lock 1

    Liquor Bottle Lock

    Keep your precious cabin protected from all your astute roommates with this drink bottle lock. This key lock features a robust and tamper-resistant design, designed to provide a firm and secure fit around a wide variety of bottle necks.

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  • LOL OMG WTF Wine Glass

    LOL OMG WTF Wine Glass

    Whatever your mood, LOL OMG WTF Wine Glass will help you. Each line in this funny glass is designed to help you decide how much wine to serve, depending on the day you’ve had and how “relaxed” you want to feel.

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  • The Bottomless Mimosa Glass

    The Bottomless Mimosa Glass

    Enjoy Sunday morning brunch straight with a glass of bottomless mimosa to quench your thirst. This staple food for brunch is large enough to accommodate up to eight servings and is adorned with a label that says “my mimosa with no personal background”.

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  • Canned Cocktails

    Canned Cocktails

    Enjoy your favorite cocktails – even if there is no bar nearby – by throwing some of these canned cocktails in the refrigerator. You can enjoy classic drinks like gin and tonic, rum and coke, whiskey and vodka.

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  • The Coravin Wine SystemThe Coravin Wine System 1

    The Coravin Wine System

    The Coravin Wine System ensures that your favorite wine lasts for weeks, months and even years. It is equipped with a specially designed wine needle that pushes the cork so that you can pour the glass without opening the bottle.

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  • Beer Spinning Chilling ToolBeer Spinning Chilling Tool 1

    Beer Spinning Chilling Tool

    Hot beer sucks. So make your beer colder than a polar bear’s nail with the beer cooling tool. This innovative device spins the can at high speed and uses convection to quickly cool your disgusting hot beer in less than a minute.

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  • Scorpion Infused VodkaScorpion Infused Vodka 1

    Scorpion Infused Vodka

    Separate the men from the boys while playing the scorpion-infused vodka drink game. Each bottle contains a premium vodka that differs from the others with its additional ingredient – a giant scorpion fucking that creates a unique flavor.

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  • Glowing Gin Infusing Kit

    Glowing Gin Infusing Kit

    Create visually stunning cocktails to be talked about at the party with this brilliant gin filling set. Each kit can contain up to five batches of 700ml, which will assume a spectacular yellow-green glow when exposed to ultraviolet light, making it an indispensable companion for your next party.

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