Gifts for Drinkers

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  • Beer Shotgun ToolBeer Shotgun Tool 1

    Beer Shotgun Tool

    The Chug N ‘Plug is a unique keychain that fits for a quick drink of beer in seconds.┬áUnlike other shotguns, the Chug N ‘Plug is the safest, cleanest and most portable way to throw beer.

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  • Mason Jar Shot Glasses

    Mason Jar Shot Glasses

    Savor your homemade country style jam with these stone jug glasses.┬áThese charmingly versatile glasses are engraved with the word “shots”, setting the tone for your visitors as they fire off shot after shot.

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  • Wine Siphoning SystemWine Siphoning System 1

    Wine Siphoning System

    The wine siphoning system allows you to access your wine without ever having to remove the cork – so you can drink the wine by the glass instead of in its entirety – extending the life of your most precious wines.

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  • Hidden Shorts Flask

    Hidden Shorts Flask

    Get drunk without arousing suspicion, storing your cabin in a secret jar with shorts. This thin plastic bottle fits comfortably on your thigh and stores up to 12 ounces of your favorite poison.

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  • DRINKO Shot Glass Drinking GameDrinko Shot Glass Drinking Game 1

    DRINKO Shot Glass Drinking Game

    Try your luck and your liver with a heady round of DRINKO. Each player tosses a small coin along a path decorated with dozens of small pins that direct the coin to one of the six cups at the base.

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  • Tabletop Moonshine StillTabletop Moonshine Still 1

    Tabletop Moonshine Still

    Turn your humble adobe into the best white-lit well in your city with this table still. It has a durable stainless steel construction built to last for years and is compact enough to integrate seamlessly with your home.

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  • Rough Day Wine Glass

    Rough Day Wine Glass

    End your busy day by cushioning your problems with a glass of wine from a difficult day.┬áThe new design helps you determine how much wine to serve based on whether you have an easy day, a difficult day, or a “don’t even ask” day.

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  • Chocolate Whisky

    Chocolate Whisky

    Give yourself an extra reason to be happy at happy hour by helping yourself to a large glass of chocolate whiskey. Handmade in Italy, this whiskey-flavored liqueur has an alcohol content of 17%, making it the perfect drink for those who like sweets.

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