Gifts for Drinkers

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  • Wingman Shot Glass

    Wingman Shot Glass

    Don’t leave anyone behind when you and your best friend go to the local water cooler, armed with a follower glass. Whether your friend likes it or not, they share your legendary night of drunkenness while being forced to match your shot after shot.

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  • Smokey Dry Ice Drink StirrersSmokey Dry Ice Drink Stirrers 1

    Smokey Dry Ice Drink Stirrers

    Give your delicious cocktails an impressive visual impact with these dry ice drink mixers. Each shaker is designed to contain dry ice suitable for food which, when inserted, creates a swirling smoke cloud around the surface of the drink.

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  • Slate Coasters

    Slate Coasters

    Slate coasters add the perfect touch to any rustic home or outdoor bar and patio. With their simple yet sophisticated slate design, they create a touch of minimalist elegance that is great for both formal and casual occasions.

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  • Aromatic Beer GlassAromatic Beer Glass 1

    Aromatic Beer Glass

    Who said that only those who drink wine like to smell before they drink? Now you can also experience the rich and intense aroma of your trendy imported beer, using this exclusive beer glass that concentrates the volatiles and aromas of your drink.

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  • Beer Cap MapsBeer Cap Maps 1

    Beer Cap Maps

    Take your liver on a trip around the drunken country trying to fill all the beer cap cards. This new wooden map allows you to display your vast collection of bottle caps based on their geographical origin, making it a great highlight for any home bar.

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  • Purifying Wand Wine FilterPurifying Wand Wine Filter 1

    Purifying Wand Wine Filter

    Soothe hangovers and other wine-related symptoms with this wine filter with a cleaning stick. This magic wand will remove all the histamine and sulfite preservatives found in wine to relieve symptoms of allergy to wine, such as headaches, nasal congestion and redness of the skin.

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  • Tiny Plastic Party CupsTiny Plastic Party Cups 1

    Tiny Plastic Party Cups

    The practicality of red plastic cups is now contained in a practical glass cup, so you can get confused and not worry about washing the cups the next day. With a delicious net capacity of 1.75 ounces, these plastic cups are perfect for parties.

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  • HOPii Personal Micro-Brewery

    HOPii Personal Micro-Brewery

    Prepare your favorite craft beer at the touch of a button in your personal HOPii microbrewery. Simply place the ingredients in the chamber, choose your favorite recipe and watch the intelligent automatic monitoring system prepare the most refreshing batch you have ever tasted.

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