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  • M37 Howitzer Tank


    Avoid traffic jams during rush hour as you take to the streets on the M37 Howitzer. This 23-ton American-made howitzer tank was used for training in the early 20th century and is sure to delight any military history buff.

  • To prevent the drink from accidentally tipping over at night, when you drink it, keep it under the light of a flashlight with a koozie drink.¬†The exterior is made of durable ABS plastic and has a convenient battery-powered flashlight on the base.

  • You will look like a real hero in this epic handmade dragon slayer leather armor.¬†Even if you are not a dragonborn, you can still look like an epic warrior in this armor.¬†Each piece of the Dragon Slayer Armor Set is custom-made with 7/8 ounce leather.

  • If you are an avid Hemingway fan or love the noble art of the bartender, To Have and Have Another is a great addition to your collection.¬†Find out more about the Pope’s favorite drinks, as well as “their ingredients, history and the characters associated with them”.

  • With a USB stick full of beer, even at work or at school it will not stop you from enjoying a good beer.¬†The USB stick stores up to 4 GB of data and has a unique design that resembles the refreshing Budweiser – with foam that never evaporates.

  • Secure a loose closet or any other accessory in your home with a few shots of a pistol-shaped screwdriver.¬†This powerful rechargeable screwdriver is shaped like a revolver and holds up to six different drills, so you can do any repair work.

  • Show your loved ones that you are wasting your life, wasting countless hours assembling the perfect team, by bringing home the Fantasy Football Championship Belt.¬†Winning the league just got a lot more interesting.

  • Be the first smuggler in your hometown with this 20-gallon distillery.¬†Each piece is handcrafted in copper, professionally welded and can be used to distill a variety of alcoholic beverages, such as whiskey and good old white zippers.