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Glasses Grip Wax


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Attention geeks!¬†A few strokes with this special wax are enough to prevent your glasses from slipping off your nose once and for all.¬†Just apply a little of this natural wax specially formulated in the frame and you’re done.

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  • The new design of the Slimline Slant tip makes application easier than ever.¬†
  • Nerdwax is a non-slip glasses retainer that can easily turn any type of glasses into non-slip glasses - it works by creating a friction layer between the glasses and the skin, keeping the glasses in place.¬†
  • Nerdwax is a great alternative to non-slip hooks and non-slip silicone nose guards - now you can stop sliding your glasses on without changing the look of your glasses.¬†
  • Easy to apply & amp;¬†clean - just wipe the oil from the surface of the glasses and apply directly to the glasses.¬†
  • Apply as needed - lasts 1 hour throughout the day, depending on how much you apply.¬†

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