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Glow In The Dark Beer Pong Set


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Turn an ordinary drinking night into an epic drinking craze by playing with light in the Dark Beer Pong set. The cups, balls and table are adorned with a dazzling glowing neon frame that makes them sparkling, allowing you to play at night.

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  • The game pack includes everything you need to play our & amp; patented 100% original shine in the dark Beer Pong party game
  • NEW! You said, we heard: the Game Set now includes an EXTRA night supply of shiny glasses. Reuse your glasses and play GLOWPONG 2 FULL NIGHTS! 
  • Includes 24 shiny party cups, 48 ​​shiny cup cups (24 green versus 24 blue), 4 shiny game balls and 1 LED charger to LIGHT ALL the shots! The cups will shine for 8-12 hours after activation, NO BLACK LIGHT REQUIRED. 
  • The game can be played according to the traditional rules of Beer Pong or Beirut, but it's also great for targeting for all ages - create your own rules, fill your glasses with water or soda, children love bright, bright colors. 
  • Perfect for home parties and indoor or outdoor events, barbecues, backyard walks, camping, bonfires on the beach, bars, pubs, nightclubs ... take it with you and play anywhere

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