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Glow In The Dark Fish


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Add some color to your home with these incredibly bright tetra fish. These small aquatic pets are available in one of six surprisingly vibrant colors, such as electric green and red, making them the perfect addition to any freshwater aquarium.

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Product Details

Luminescent fish are born great! They are not injected or painted. They inherited their harmless, lifelong color from their parents and require the same care as any other local fish. GloFish is great for any home, office or study room and is perfect for amateurs and beginners. This product is just fish. Aquariums and other dry products are sold separately. If you order directly from GloFish, your order will be delivered overnight and you will receive a 14-day warranty. We deliver Monday to Thursday night deliveries. Orders received AFTER 11am ET from Thursday or Friday to Sunday will be processed next week. This product contains live fish and may be adversely affected by low temperatures at the destination. If the temperature in the delivery area is below 32F, we will contact you to discuss your order options. If you expect temperatures to be below 32F in the long run, please contact us to find out when we estimate the shipping period will open before placing your order.


  • GloFish's luminescent fish are born wonderful!¬†They are not injected or stained.¬†
  • BEFORE CLICKING THE ADD TO CART BUTTON, make sure your order says "Shipped and sold by GloFish" so that your order is set for overnight shipping and a 14-day warranty.¬†Other suppliers may use multi-day shipping without warranty of any kind.¬†
  • IF YOU ARE WAITING BELOW 32 ¬į F for a long period of days, contact us before placing your order to ensure your fish is delivered.¬†We cannot ship fish if the temperature at the destination is below freezing.¬†
  • Six (6) GloFish tetras are included in this collection (the resulting fish may differ from the image, we guarantee at least three different colors)

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