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Gold Penis Pool Float


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Let the bride-to-be completely relax on her special day by giving her all 79 cm of this golden floating penis. This mischievous inflatable boat is made of extra thick material that will withstand all types of difficult games.

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Product Details

Embark on the GOLDEN BOY and have the best ride of your life. Enjoy all 79 inches, and don't say we didn't warn you ... it tends to get wet. Men. Women. Everyone loves GOLDEN BOY. Great for stag or hen parties! People will watch. Someone may ask where you found it. You don't want to share, but there is a lot of it. Designed for smooth and hard rides. More than one person at a time. Always open to try new things. Most adults over 18 will do well. Take your GOLDEN BOY with you wherever you go this summer for an unforgettable moment. Welcome to the golden life!


  • Reliable quality made of high quality extra thick PVC material for a durable ride and an unforgettable pool party decoration.¬†
  • Specially designed for you to sit and a place for friends to get together.¬†
  • Proven performance, withstands multiple journeys.¬†It is better to use a bomb to explode or ask a friend for help.¬†Once this inflatable boat is blown up, it is difficult to empty it.¬†You will need to sit on it.¬†
  • The more, the more fun.¬†Golden Boy loves to be taken for several rides and is unaware that he has performance problems.¬†
  • Blow carefully, it can explode if you drive too hard.¬†

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