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Goldfish Soccer Game


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Train your fish to be the next Pele in this goldfish football game. Included in this unique fish training kit Рyes, fish can be trained! РThere are a lot of fun things to interact with, like the soccer goal, and it even comes with a 45-minute practice DVD.

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Product Details

The R2 Fish School Kit includes everything you need to teach your fish fantastic tricks.¬†The set includes simple and detailed instructions that explain how easy it is to train your fish with reward training.¬†Teach your fish to play traps, shoot hoops, swim in slalom, dance in suspense and much more!¬†Almost all fish 1-6 inches long can be trained.¬†Each set includes all the hoops, tunnels, balls - more than 25 different pieces that will teach your fish many tricks.¬†The learning results are fast and the kit is very easy to understand.¬†R2 Fish School won the aquarium product title ‚ÄúBest In Show‚ÄĚ at the Global Pet Expo and was featured in more than a hundred important media outlets!¬†It's time for you and your pet fish to surprise your friends and family!


  • Includes a 45-minute detailed instructional DVD featuring world-renowned fish trainer Dr. Dean Pomerlo.¬†
  • Includes a colorful guide with over 100 photos and exercise tips.¬†
  • An easy-to-use, designed feeding rod comes with each kit, making it easy to reward your fish at the right time.¬†
  • Includes the R2 Fish School training area and a compact base platform for bowls or small aquariums.¬†
  • 11.4 x 2.6 x 6.9 (W x H x W)

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