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Gothic Bastard Sword Umbrella


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Defeat bad weather with a powerful sweep of your faithful bastard Gothic umbrella sword.┬áThe hilt is shaped like a medieval sword with a metal finish and a leather hilt that supports a massive 41 ” umbrella, perfect for keeping you dry and killing orcs.

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Product Details

Perfect for rain riders, this truly unique umbrella will overcome all these black storms. The hilt is in the style of our classic Gothic bastard sword, which has been one of our most popular styles over the years. This full-size umbrella has an automatic opening feature, an impressive 46 inches in diameter and a black exterior with a silver interior. The handle is molded in plastic with a metallic finish, the handle is made of synthetic leather. Includes a shoulder strap bag to keep you ready for any weather-related battle. Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts. Total length: 39-1 / 2 "


  • The hilt is styled like a classic Gothic bastard sword.┬á
  • This large size umbrella has an automatic opening function.┬á
  • The unfolded size is 41 inches.┬á
  • Shoulder strap included.┬á
  • Total length: 39-1 / 2 "Shear protection: 9" Handle: 10-3 / 4 "

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