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Grill Floss BBQ Cleaning Tool


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Keep your barbecue looking new using this Grill Floss BBQ Cleaning Tool after every cook. The functional design of this stainless steel tool allows you to clean the round grilles on all sides without lifting them physically.

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Product Details

Like floss, GrillFloss cleans where the brush cannot reach, all sides of the grill, including the sides and bottom of the grill rods. With a simple push, turn and pull, GrillFloss wraps around each bar of the grill, scraping off the toughest residue on the grill. The unique design includes a two-size cleaning head for small and large round grills, a 20-inch handle to access all areas of the hot grill, and a stainless steel construction that will outlast any brush. Note: GrillFloss only works with round grills. If you have round barbecue stems, GrillFloss will fit on your grill.


  • No other barbecue tool like this - Clean ALL sides of the round grills without even lifting them.¬†
  • Durable - stainless steel construction to withstand climate and weather
  • pays off - you save a lot of money on brushes and mops.¬†
  • Easy to clean - just clean the residue from the cleaning blade grid.¬†
  • Made in China - 100% money back guarantee.¬†

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