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Groovy Lava Lamps


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Hey maaann, make sure your notebook doesn’t go out of sight with any of the beautiful lava lamps.¬†This retro decor provides soft ambient lighting for any occasion, while the whimsical lava inside mesmerizes you with soothing slow drops.

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Product Details

Lava lamps, invented in England in 1963, became popular in the United States in the mid-1970s and again in the early 1990s. Today they are as mesmerizing as ever. This 14.5-inch Lava Lite is timeless and bright at the same time. The Classic Motion Lava lamp (yellow / blue / silver) not only brings memories, but also helps to create new ones. Nothing beats the classics.


  • Lava.¬†Lighten your mood.¬†Add the desired lighting to any room with these mesmerizing moving lights.¬†
  • Decorate any room with this timeless icon of retro style and grace, relax, enjoy and unwind in the soft light of this lamp in constant movement and evolution
  • Hypnotize yourself and go with the flow while the glow magically spins around the globe.¬†Call instantly with the touch of a button.¬†
  • Perfect complement for home, bedroom, office, bedroom or cave for men;¬†Lamp sizes range from 11 "to 27".¬†
  • Connects to a standard household electrical outlet, comes with a switch, and is UL tested and certified.¬†Requires 25W bulb (included).¬†

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