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Hair Brush Safe


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Make sure your money is safe by hiding it in a visible place inside the hairbrush safe. This seemingly ordinary hairbrush comes with a hollow body that is sufficient to discreetly store up to thirty rolled notes, making it a must-have on your next trip.

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  • HIDE OR KEEP YOUR VALUES: A hidden fake cover is unscrewed to reveal a safe hidden cache for leakage.¬†Hide your belongings in a completely hidden safe that can be used as a comb!¬†
  • HOME OR TRAVEL: A travel safe that can go with you without drawing attention to your values.¬†It has never been easier to hide a home where you can hide jewelry, money, flash drives or important documents!¬†
  • HAS THE LOOK AND SENSITIVITY OF A REAL HAIR BRUSH: Fully functional distraction container.¬†Hide Find safe money for money that goes perfectly with all your other bathroom products and cosmetics.¬†
  • IF IN DOUBT WHERE TO HIDE - FIND IT!¬†The internal dimension of the sabotage safe is 1.25 "wide and 4.5" deep.¬†Holds 30 dollar bills!¬†
  • VERSION 2019!¬†NEW AND IMPROVED!¬†We listened to your feedback and solved problem number one by strengthening the handle so you can use it with confidence!¬†
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