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Hair Dying Chalk


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Change your whole look to your whim by radically changing the color of your hair with this coloring chalk. This specialized chalk is applied quickly, without mess, allowing the colors to blend smoothly for a stunning look that lasts up to three days.

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Product Details

Nevayah BRIGHT Hair Pencil Pens | Temporary hair coloring with chalk - lasts 3 days. The new cream hair chalk technology is self-compacting in 60 seconds. No hairspray needed. Installed quickly and smoothly. Each tube rolls in a vibrant, combined and vibrant color and gently rubs into your hair. All colors are mixed. It is safe for hair and skin. Non toxic. Mix one color with another to get a blended look. More than 80 applications per card. Just dye your hair and comb. The color will be defined. You can curl or dye your hair.


  • 6 Nevayah BRIGHT hair pens with chalk |¬†Temporary hair coloring with chalk - lasts 3 days.¬†Light purple |¬†Medium blue |¬†Red |¬†Yellow |¬†Orange |¬†Dark green.¬†
  • Hair protection sealant |¬†Applicator No Mess Applicator Roll Up Stick.¬†
  • Mix one color with another to get a blended look.¬†All colors are mixed.¬†It is safe for hair and skin.¬†It is not toxic.¬†
  • Does not require hair spray.¬†Installed quickly and smoothly.¬†You can curl or dye your hair.¬†
  • More than 80 applications per stick.¬†Just dye your hair and comb.¬†The color will be defined.¬†

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